About Us

CCBTM  provides proprietary Controlled AssemblyTM  design, assembly and construction of residential, commercial, and retail construction. We have consulted with companies and individuals around the world to learn the techniques to design and build better homes for the first time home buyer, move up buyer, and the luxury buyer. We are currently working on projects worldwide and have the ability to assist property owners and developers no matter how complex their project may be.

We are committed to bringing the best products to the market for our clients. Understanding the science of building when choosing to build with shipping containers is crucial to ensure a long lasting structure. This is why we have partnered with the best in the industry to bring our clients the very best with every structure we build.

Our Controlled AssemblyTM  services result in homes and structures that are designed, assembled and constructed with quick turn around time.

Why Build a Custom Container Home

Reduced Construction Cost: With more than 30 million out-of-service containers available in the market at a low cost, these repurposed shipping containers act as the foundation to container homes, reducing the materials cost associated with the construction by as much as 15% (NAI Global).
    Shorter Construction Time: The existing shipping container acts as the infrastructure of which the container home is built on top of, which in turn reduces the construction time by at least half in comparison to traditional homes. Which can now be even shorter with our Controlled Assembly process.
      Easy to Install & Relocate: Container homes are flexible in that they can easily be built in factory and installed at required location or constructed at site directly.
        Interior Architecture Protection: The insulation from shipping containers helps protect the interior architecture from changes in the external environment, boosting demand for container homes in colder regions. 
          Compact Size: The compact and moveable nature of container homes are perfect for urban cities with limited availability of space.


            The Custom Container Builders Difference

            Innovative & Unmatched OfferingFrom residential homes to commercial and retail developments, the Company seeks to offer an unmatched selection of container properties that are customizable to our clients’ needs and preferences.

            Shorter Construction Time & Solid InfrastructureShipping containers provide a solid and strong infrastructure. With additional insulation panels, modern design, and unique floor plans, a container home can be built in half, or even shorter time frame in comparison to traditional properties.

            Attention to Detail & Timely Delivery: Custom Container Builders is committed to delivering a superior product in a timely manner. As seen in any customized project-driven environment, proper scoping, process methodology, recognition of risks and bottlenecks, and meticulous planning are crucial skills in which we excel and implement throughout each development.

            High Quality & Personalized Results: Custom Container Builders is committed to excellence and ensures that all developed properties are constructed to the highest standards. This is reflected in Custom Container Builders aesthetically pleasing and modern-looking shipping container homes and commercial developments. We work closely with each buyer to ensure their absolute satisfaction.